Leave my stuff alone

This post speaks to me. I know those of my generation will understand what it is to feel the texture of cherished things.

Suziecreamcheese Sings the Blues

A friend of mine likes to share articles on Facebook about how people of our generation have too much stuff, constantly reminding us that millenials don’t want our stuff and thus, we should get rid of it all now.

Somehow this strikes me as not just annoying but downright obnoxious. The most recent article was by a woman who was writing about cleaning out her mother-in-law’s home after the woman died, and finding a stash of sweaters that were her father-in-law’s from years past. Apparently he had died some years earlier. She couldn’t fathom why THESE old things had been kept and seem to relish discussing how they were tossed unceremoniously into a dumpster, then going on about how much they had to pay for said dumpster.

If her mother-in-law had been at all considerate, she would have spent the last years of her life throwing out her little mementos…

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2 thoughts on “Leave my stuff alone

  1. Just today, I parted with a blanket hand quilted by my grandmother that I cannot keep any longer. I clearly remember her hand -quilted blankets and the skill and artistry they represent . I gathered it to my face, kissed it, and let it go. 😢

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  2. My mother was quite the hoarder as well, keeping clothes that simply won’t fit anymore or “junk” like early 90’s vhs tapes of bad movies. I cherish these things now.

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