If Your House was Made of Glass

If your house was made of glass,

Transparent and refined,

And everyone could see right in,

Do you think that you would mind?

Would “keeping up with the Jones’s”

Be even more important then,

If people could see how well you lived

By the material things within?

Would you control more of your emotions,

Negative ones, such as rage and doubt,

If people could see your actions

When you let them all come out?

What if your anger towards

Your spouse and children were seen?

Do you think that your neighbors

Would still hold you in high esteem?

The perceptions we choose to be seen

Are those of an endless bias,

But the truth would surely come out,

If your house was made of glass.

So think before you act,

take a moment to ponder through

That the stones you throw at others

May come flying back at you.

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