Letting Go

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but this poem passionately fits who I see myself to be at my core. Enjoy!


She holds onto the pain like it’s a gift

A repeated sad and sullen refrain

Her joy on a blackened sea now adrift

The hurtful words echo inside her brain

When her eyes close, she still sees the faces

The home for eyes filled once with so much love

Now on them she cannot find the traces

Of what she thought was sent from up above

Where is the hope that scarred heart will mend

Is it unseen in the clouds of despair

Wasted is all the time that she can spend

Continuing to breathe in poisoned air

The wrongs worn like a proud badge of honor

So others will know just how hard she tried

But the darkness that they cast upon her

Stifles her from seeing the other side

Let go of these old wounds, let them be past

Let light break through on her darkest of days

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