Are We Related?

My amazing brother, Brad, wrote this about our family dynamics! Trust me, he is completely and wholly my brother by heart, blood lines be damned!



I can’t recall exactly how old I was when I found out. I might have been 10 or 11 years old. I had taken a leisurely stroll through the kitchen/dining room area on the way to play outside. My parents were sitting at the dining room table in a deep and serious discussion, but as it was not anything about what kind of trouble I was currently in, I paid it little mind. But in my passing I heard one word that blared like a trumpet through the other conversation. That word was adoption.

It barely registered at the moment. But after some thought, it lit a spark in my rational thinking. Why was this word even used in a conversation by my parents? I started to think hard on its context. There were my sister and brother, Jody and Mark, six and seven years older than I respectively…

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