Time for Some Road Miles!

I opened an email yesterday morning that gave me two words I was desperate to hear. Those words were, “Hell, yes!”

I have seen my beloved brother just once since the announcement of the pandemic over a year ago. It was on December 12, 2020, a too short visit (they all always are!) with masks and/or social distancing between us. Yes, we snuck in a quick both-masked hug at his arrival and again when he left, and it was better than nothing, but he is one of the best huggers I have ever known and it does my psyche such a world of good when I can linger in that hug for more than 2 seconds.

Now that restrictions are being modified, and because I have some goodies in my freezer for him (yet again), I asked him if I could make a visit to him, since he came here last time. I know that nice weather brings out his itchiness to climb on his motorcycle on the weekends, but recently I learned that he uses his Sundays for grocery shopping and laundry and other chores before returning to work on Monday. And since our Memorial Day falls on a Monday and he has that day off, I suggested my visit be Sunday, May 30th, and told him I was desperate for him to say, “Hell, yes!” And he did!!!!

My car had less than 1200 miles on it between inspection in March of 2020 and inspection in March of 2021. I don’t travel anywhere anymore, except to see him, so I was actually surprised I’d put on that many miles with trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, chiropractor and, once open again, hair and nail salon. My chiropractor is 18 miles round-trip, but everything else I’ve been to averages about 2 miles round-trip.

My car may not know how to handle/remember what it feels like to drive a speed limit of 55 or 65 mph. Heck, I’m not sure I remember how to drive at those speeds! With my energy level per day always seeming less and less most days, this visit won’t be nearly long enough, but I know my brother will appreciate the time together as much as I do, and my car’s engine will appreciate getting some higher speed mileage running through its mechanics!

I was just telling someone from Australia that here, in my neck of the world, we have two seasons: winter and road construction. And even that truth isn’t diminishing my excitement about this road trip!

Now, I just need to stop looking at the calendar, seeing how long it is until this exciting event, and wishing time to go faster (at my age, that’s not a smart wish!). But soon, dearest brother, I will arrive at your door with food goodies and another surprise you don’t know about!

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