Do Your Job

No matter what your political party preference is, this applies for all of us@



I know being re-elected

Is your greatest concern

A truth Civics did not teach

But somehow, I have learned


So, spare me all your rhetoric

Sweet words to fill our ears

Work for all to benefit

In your term of many years


For what you say, will fade away

And what is left, is just what’s done

How hard you work to care for us

Measured in getting another one


I do not understand the need

To reach across the aisle

An aisle should not divide us

This birthplace of political guile


On one side sits Americans

Americans on the other side too

How much more common ground

Needs to be seen by the few


We pay you well enough

To expect your very best

And if you cannot deliver

You are no better than the rest


But if being re-elected

Is all…

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