People who need an ID badge

Actually, this is more about the people who need a more complex ID badge – they need an ID-10-T badge.

So far I’ve refrained from responding to things I’ve found on social media, although I’ve had a retort for most of them. Some of them include:

“Texas has been without power now for two days – come on, Biden, you’re the President!” (My immediate thought of a retort was “And Trump had FOUR YEARS to build a wall – how much of that got done in that time?)

“Did you see FLOTUS wearing as scrunchie in her hair in public????” (So stupidly irrelevant that I had no retort.)

“For four years now we’ve had mild winters, suddenly Biden is president and it’s a cold and snowy one!” (My immediate thought for a retort was “That’s because Trump isn’t here to spout off enough hot air to warm the air on its way down!”).

See, here’s the thing – I am open-minded enough to listen to a theory or belief that is different than my own, as long as there is reasonable proof to back up that theory or belief. But, as late as Wednesday, when Trump spoke about the passing of Rush Limbaugh, he immediately turned it around to himself and the fact that he won the election and that Limbaugh believed he won the election. Well, maybe he did – but I haven’t yet located a clip of proof, verbally or in written form – so maybe he didn’t.

People who still refuse to give up their believe that Trump won the election and are, in fact, holding onto that belief so tightly that they are stuck in that place, need an ID-10-T button.

People who spot continual theories of conspiracy and who still believe that proof of this fraud is coming forth need an ID-10-T button. Someone told me just yesterday that the proof is going to be shown on February 19th. I mean, because no one could put their fingers on any proof in each and every one of Trump’s lawsuits, because Mike “The Pillow Guy” spoke that he had proof he intended to deliver in two days time that he spoke (hasn’t happened yet, and that was at least 2 weeks ago). Now, I’m supposed to sit and wait for the proof no one has to be shown? Well, hell, bring it on! I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m wrong. But this is beginning to sound like the story of “Peter and the Wolf” where Peter keeps shouting “wolf” so that people come running to protect him, except there is never a wolf. And he did it so often that, when there actually was a wolf, he shouted and nobody believed him!

So, I’m not doing anything special tomorrow and I’m willing to keep an eye out for this magically appearing proof. I’m also looking forward to texting the person who told me that the next day and ask where it is so I can find it.

The fact that I’m willing to keep an eye out for it might mean I need an ID-10-T button, too!

I need to remember this to keep my from retorts!

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