You Make It Seem Easy

“You make it seem easy,” I said with a smile,

Though I know you work hard and always go the extra mile.

“You make it seem easy,” I said with a frown,

for compared to your talent my own lets me down.

“You make it seem easy,” I said with my words,

knowing that you would listen, knowing that you had heard.

“You make it seem easy,” admiring your strength,

to commit to your task at any great length.

“You make it seem easy,” I said without thought,

because I’m sensible to know that it often is not.

“You make it seem easy,” and I will be forever proud,

praise for your talent I will always shout clear and loud.

NOTE: This attempt – and I do mean ATTEMPT – at poetry is dedicated to my beloved and loving brother, Brad. He has found his niche in writing poetry and has committed to publishing a blog post every day. Again, I urge you to check out his writings at

4 thoughts on “You Make It Seem Easy

  1. This is more than just an attempt. This is beautifully written, with a very natural flow, and a poignant refrain echoed throughout. This is poetry and don’t ever see it as less! Thank you for your thoughts, kind words, and undying support!

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