Life in Contradiction

Only my brother could take two adages I told him that were contradictory and turn it into this! Enjoy!


They say, “Look before you leap”,

A moment to consider cost.

But don’t dare fall asleep,

For “He who hesitates is lost”.

“If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try again”, damn it all.

It may be a much kinder friend indeed,

Saying, “Don’t beat your head against a wall”.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”,

No sweeter words will you ever find.

But you will be left to ponder,

Why is “out of sight, out of mind”.

“Two heads are better than one”,

Or, at least, some say that’s true.

But any father would encourage son,

“Paddle your own canoe”.

And, if it true, that “haste makes waste”,

And we should take the time we can.

Then why are we constantly faced,

With the fact, “time waits for no man”.

We’re still learning how the human mind ticks,

And “you’re never too old…

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One thought on “Life in Contradiction

  1. Thanks sis! When you planted this seed in my head, I had no idea it would grow into this. Thank you for letting me run with this. It was challenging, but also a lot of fun to write!

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