Looking Back

My brother has been growing as a poet and doing so is also growing him as a person. This poem speaks true to his nature with a courage most of us will never achieve. Please enjoy it!


If given some say by would be fate

Change things in my life, a second chance

An opportunity to skew my current state

And in some small way my life enhance

If I could rewind to those biggest choices

Where I could choose left instead of right

If I had listened to the other head voices

Or just seen my world in a truer light

If I had decided to stay instead of run

Or built a bridge in place of a wall

When it was finally all said and done

Would it really have mattered at all

If I had decided to risk when I faced a fear

Or saved the love I so poorly spent

If each branch on my forward path more clear

Would it have changed the direction I went

Or would I do everything just the same

Suffering over each pain and great fall


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