My First Blogging Milestone

This post will be #100 of the posts I’ve put in this blog since I began in April, 2019. While I set no goals for blogging, focused primarily on just putting myself out there and hoping to advise/inspire readers who stumbled upon me, that remains a milestone.

I’ll be honest… lately, I haven’t felt like I have anything of interest to say to my readers. I have thoughts, but adhering to the idea that we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion, many of those thoughts are ill-advised to be shared. Maybe I just don’t want to admit my fear about how my country seems so divided – so the opposite of the “United” States of America that I’ve always believed in. Seeing the death of that ideal daily brings me a sadness that lingers, kept alive by the constant news feeds and the fact that the country appears to be headed towards another impeachment, the fifth in our history.

And it’s not that I haven’t felt like hanging out in my happy place (aka my kitchen) but my freezer is fairly full of previously made meals. It’s not even that my S.A.D. symptoms have kicked in, because the CBD oil I’ve been taking not only helps relieve my pain but also helps boost my mood. (If you want to know more about my CBD experience, leave me a message at the end and I’ll share it – maybe through a blog post.)

Do I have little to say because my life is so boring? And, if that’s true, is the fact that my life is boring coincidence/fate or choice? I know the sudden onset of cold weather has made me want to stay tucked in, but then, in the high heat of summer, I also don’t want to go out unnecessarily.

Clearly, I have some internal processing to do…

Meanwhile, to my followers and readers – thank you for allowing me to hit this ‘milestone’ and thank you for your support. I’ll try to find something worth sharing to engage you with soon. I appreciate all of you for your kindnesses along the way!

4 thoughts on “My First Blogging Milestone

  1. I celebrate with you your milestone and I am proud that you put yourself out there. It is impossible to determine the impact of our words upon the world, except when they are never said. Then is the only time we can gauge their impact, as they have none when unspoken. And to hope, or for the lucky few who know, that your words could bring one other person some joy, solace, or voice is well worth it. Congratulations and here is to the next 100 posts! 🎉

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  2. Congrats on post 100! You should definitely do a post about CBD oil. I’ve been looking at it recently and I’d love to know what benefits you’re experiencing on it. I think we all go through times when we feel like we have nothing to say – some bloggers I follow who have a readership of thousands say this too. You’re not alone and I’m sure you’ll think of something to write about soon. I haven’t done it myself yet but some people seem to swear by writing/blogging prompts. Might be worth a go?

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  3. I’ve been wanting to share my very positive experiences with CBD oil, so thanks for wanting to know more. Also, thank you for reminding me that we all go through times when words – or at least what seem like INTERESTING words – don’t come. I appreciate your support!

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