Better early than late, every time !

As someone who has only recently been able to speak out about suffering from bouts of depression, this article is necessary – and will be necessary, until we stop placing such a stigma on mental health issues.

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I feel like I am looping back to a previous post of mine – The Lucky Ones have Crutches and Bandages– I hope you have read it, if not CLICK HERE.

In the Saturday Globe & Mail newspaper of November 9, 2019 there was an interesting read about veterans, and in particular a pilot.

aerobatics air air force air show Photo by Pixabay on

I found my attention drawn to the short article about Mr. Guinan. Guinan served as a pilot and air traffic controller for 28 years. Long hours, and stress eventually took a toll resulting in health conditions that left him no alternative but to retire, and he was eventually released for depression. He had dealt with his health issues, including depression,  his whole life, masking it but eventually he could not avoid it’s effect on his life.

I can imagine the retirement decision was difficult, an invisible but very…

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