My Revised Bucket List

As I’ve become older, it’s become obvious to me that there are things that have been on my “bucket list” for a really long time which I can no longer, under present circumstance and financial means, see ever come true. For a long time, my bucket list has included taking an Alaskan cruise, visiting either Australia or New Zealand and visiting Ireland.

Besides these travels, my bucket list also includes taking a hot air balloon ride and bungee jumping.

But driving home recently after having had the pleasure of seeing Phil Vassar perform live AND being part of his ‘meet and greet’ afterwards, which included both a hug and a photo with him, I started thinking that my bucket list needs modification. Maybe not modified so much, as I wouldn’t delete any of the things already on it, but added to in order to reflect some more attainable things that I enjoy.

I’ve had opportunities over the past two years to see some small-venue stage productions, and have found that I enjoy this ambiance much more than large productions. There is a sense of being invited into the unfolding story that you get in a small venue. The actors and actresses are local or regional talent, and each performs for the love of performing rather than for the dollars they earn. Acting is in their blood and it’s a passion to continue, even though it will never make them rich and famous. So I need to add “See small-venue plays” whenever possible.

And, although Phil Vassar is a well-known country music star, seeing him at a small venue was definitely different than seeing him as part of a mass audience. I do enjoy country music concerts and have only been to one with which I was disappointed because the “star” entertained the crowd but did nothing to engage the crowd. Come on, even if you’re up in the nose-bleed section, you want to see the entertainer react with the crowd! So, I’m adding “See more country music concerts” to my bucket list. And, to be honest, I’m no longer “up” on today’s newest stars, so seeing the oldies but goodies – more than once – will be what I’m looking for.

I’ve never been an avid fan of going to the movies, but I’ve done it a few times with my bestie, picking out shows that are primarily humorous chick-flicks because we’re both sure to like them. It’s fun to go to the movies with someone so you can talk about the movie after you’ve seen it. But the past several months there have been a couple of movies I would have enjoyed seeing, albeit that my bestie’s schedule is far more crowded and complicated than mine. So, I’m adding “See more movies” to my bucket list, reminding myself that it’s perfect OKAY to go alone, especially to a matinee.

I’m sure I will think of or discover more things to add to my bucket list. I just need to be conscious that I’m no longer some young person who has a world of time in front of me to do things I enjoy doing. I also need to get over this idea that I can’t do these things on my own, because I can, even if it’s not my preference. I’m not ready to go on a bona-fide vacation by myself, because I want to be able to share those moments and memories with someone else. But it is time to get out and do/discover things while my health still allows me to.

Remember, at the end, we don’t regret the things we’ve done, only the things we didn’t. So, revise your own bucket list by adding some attainable goals and get out there!

One thought on “My Revised Bucket List

  1. Agree on all points. RC and I don’t always agree on movies. He didn’t want to see “Downton Abbey” and wouldn’t have enjoyed it bc he didn’t watch the series. I went alone and enjoyed myself! You’ve also recognized that you need to revise your bucket list and to get out of your comfort zone to do so. It’s scary but proves that we get in ruts snd need the courage to get out of them.

    I’m glad Phil’s concert helped you to clarify your goals!

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