The Sound of Thunder

The sound of thunder clapping fills many folks with dread,

But for me, it’s no more ominous than the voices filling my head.

“You should get this done,” one whispers, regardless of the pain

That makes my body weary and tires out my brain.

Another voice reminds me that I have it easy,

That the chores and things I have to do are breezy.

But my body cringes at the thought, so mere

Adding to the existing pain fills my soul with fear.

And when the demons decide to chime in

My mood drops me into a mindless tail spin.

Days pass by, sense of time is lost

As an emotional being

I carry them at this cost.

Like thunder, my body rattles

In the aftermath, the voices tattle.

I fight so hard for an appearance that’s normal

But always know that this fake smile is formal.

So do not judge the thunder or stories that it tells

For inside of my mind, is where the thunder fell.

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