My New Community

At the risk of admitting this, I was never interested in reading blogs before I decided to start my own. My brother (my life hero and my blog inspiration) has had a blog for some years now, though he took a sabbatical from writing in it for a while. I’d always read his, given him my likes and occasional comments. But that was where it stopped.

Until I started writing. When you use the Word Press software (which is free, by the way!), signing on shows you the community of bloggers also using the same software. I looked at a few blogs and decided to follow quite a few of them. The blogs I follow are an eccentric bunch – some blogs are short, some are long. Some stay on the course of a central topic, some (like me) ramble on with whatever crosses their mind. Some add photos throughout their blog posts, some do not.

The people who write blogs are just as eccentric as their topics. There are young bloggers and old bloggers, some male, some female, of differing religions and races. I follow one person who has a Ph.D. in psychology and offers some great insights into the human psyche. I follow one who is a ‘cat lady’, but she also writes about antics at the gym where she goes. One is a young lady who, based on what she’s shared, hasn’t had the easiest life so far but somehow remains without an ounce of cynicism in her stories. And there is one, a woman twice-divorced, who offers great tips for anyone in any stage of divorce in their own lives. In addition, a former colleague with whom I’ve remained friends is off traveling through Italy and started a blog of her adventure which I now follow.

We are as diverse as any group of people can be. But we are all bound by this need to express ourselves to others – our stories, our thoughts, our fears – and to share with others the lessons of life that we have learned.

So, what about you? Do you feel you have something you want to say? Are there stories in your life so rich that they ought to be shared to enrich others with them? Maybe you’ve experienced a tough time (or two) in your life and want to offer tips and insights to anyone facing a similar circumstance. Whatever your reason, if you want to write, I encourage you to join our community! What are you waiting for?

Meanwhile, check out the blogs I follow:,,,, and

2 thoughts on “My New Community

  1. I like to write, too. For me, writing reviews of places I’ve visited is satisfying. You can learn so much by reading others’ ideas in whatever form.

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  2. Your international whirlwind of travel would be an amazing blog! Look at how many of us follow you along vicariously as you share photos and history on FB, and only your FB friends see your posts! The title for your blog could be “Have Suitcase, Will Travel”!


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