It Just Makes Sense

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Another school shooting.

This time, mixed in with the “thoughts and prayers” was this gem: “There is a clear desire in all of us, whether we agree on the action steps or not, that we must work to find ways to protect against evil.”

One school shooter out of the last 376 school shootings has been trans. The obvious way to protect against this evil is to… block trans people from getting appropriate medical care or access to therapy, because… wait, why exactly???

Also, trans is kinda like drag, right? So we should clearly make being in drag a crime! That will stop school shootings! Right?

Oh, and illegal immigrants caused people to be trans, probably. I think so anyway. Might of read it on Twitter. Anyway, tighten the cages on those little illegal babies! American children’s lives are at stake!

Wait, what are you doing?!? Don’t give…

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