It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve

I’ve made it a point to listen to this song on YouTube on December 31st for many years. I don’t bother staying up until midnight or celebrating in any other way on this eve. And when I wonder what’s wrong with me that I don’t want to join the hullabaloo with anyone, I can listen to the words of this song and feel that it’s okay.

I’m including the link to the song that has the lyrics included, in case anyone else will be helped by listening.

4 thoughts on “It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve

  1. I remember hearing this song, but had forgotten of its existence. Thank you for sharing!

    I never really understood all the hype over New Year’s anyway. I mean, I understand we made another revolution around the sun, and I am happy to be alive, but I do not fireworks and champagne to celebrate it. That is just me, though. Different strokes for different folks. I do, however, wish you a great day and a beautiful 2023!!

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