Random Memes – 11/7

I’ve got a gazillion (okay, slight exaggeration since it’s only a dozen) articles started and in draft form until I find the energy and my muse finds the right way to add words to them. So, it’s another day for random memes:

I saved the last one to be the last one on purpose. No matter how many times I read those words, I find myself shaking my head (at myself) for being unable to see those people for who they were. While there are occasions when I find myself missing some of the good that was in those relationships, each time I ask myself if I want to invite any of those people back into my life, my brain instantly shouts, “NO!”

6 thoughts on “Random Memes – 11/7

  1. Every single one of these spoke to me!! Nikita Gill is one of my favorite poets! Many of her poems inspired many of mine. When my mom died, someone I thought was a close friend walked away from me. It hurt, but I realized she wasn’t a true friend. She was only my friend when it was convenient for her, but when the tables turned and I needed a shoulder to cry on, she was nowhere to be found.

    I believe people come into our lives to stay or teach us lessons. I’m grateful you can now see those people for who they were and wouldn’t let them back in your life again. I also understand the self guilt for not seeing their true colors, but their poor behavior says a lot more about their character than it does yours.

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  2. It truly hurt my heart to hear that an alleged friend turned her back on you at a time you really needed a friend! You nailed it on the head about people who are only friends with you when it’s convenient for them or because they need something from you! Gentle hugs to you, my friend!

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