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Although I don’t write and post a blog article every day, I nonetheless come to visit this site every day because there are quite a few other writers whose articles I enjoy – even look forward to – and I’m always eager to feast my thoughts and emotions upon their words. I decided it was time to introduce my readers to a few of my most favorite blogs which I follow faithfully. I follow 20+ blogs, but some writers are sporadic (like me) in posting and some, while I enjoy reading their blog articles, don’t tickle that lightbulb switch in my brain on a regular basis. It took me a while, but I finally managed to shorten the list to the top blogs I would be unhappy to miss a post from, and I want to share them with you, in case you’re looking for other good reads out here…

First and foremost, because he’s my sibling and I’m unable to be objective, if you’re not already following, shame on you. This is my brother Brad’s blog, and it’s had quite a few years’ presence here. Brad found a niche in writing poetry, but I have to tell you, when I can encourage (or sometimes coerce) him to tell a story, he is an amazing storyteller!

Another blog that posts every day is from Beth, at ididn’ Ah, I always look forward to Beth’s posts because they are short, always include an appropriate picture (which is worth a thousand words, after all!) and are usually very unique and/or obscure in their perspective!

While his posts can be sporadic, is always worth spending time reading and digesting. Eric is a true thinker, and he is awesome at putting his thoughts into words that will make the reader think as well. To be honest, when I read Eric’s posts, I often feel like he’s way too intelligent for me to be attempting to understand, but I enjoy the challenge with every post.

Kate, who can be found at is a great storyteller. Her posts are most often “5 Random Things” and a short blurb on each of those things. She is a cat lover, and the tales about the cats and their shenanigans is sure to make you smile. And if you’re willing to go back into her blog a bit, the stories about the renovations they made to the house they downsized to about a year ago will surely make you roll your eyes at various points. is where you will find Rachel, who is, among other things, a published writer. I feel like I know Rachel well, and yet, in actuality, I feel like I don’t know her at all! She is very open about her struggles and very talented at being succinct with her words while still getting the important words in her story. Too many times, I find myself relating on a personal level to her stories, and it makes me wish I could just go hug her!

While the blog’s name is “Suzie Cream Cheese Sings the Blues”, the blog can actually be found at Suzie is also a sporadic writer on her blog, but her life is very full and busy, so it feels special when she does find time to share with us. Suzie and I are on the exact opposite side on many important issues, like politics and the COVID vaccine and masking, but I can always appreciate her points and why she feels the way she does, and she accepts mine when I make a comment. It feels nice to know someone with whom you can actually discuss your own thoughts and listen to another person’s very different perspective without getting into a negative space.

A new one I’ve just started following is Joy writes imaginative stories, shares meme pages like I do, shares photos and just writes stuff. Her stories are always a light read and include things like unicorns and North Pole elves and a whole bunch of other characters. What’s also fun in her blog is that she has two readers who have strong enough imaginations to make comments about a blog post that are humorous and/or challenging. Those are as much fun to read as the actual post itself is!

I’ve only recently started following Danielle’s blog at She posts every day, and each post shares her new discoveries of life while on the path of sobriety. It sometimes amazes me when she writes something that I can 100% relate to, because I’m not making days of sobriety, but those posts always validate me and make me feel less alone.

And lastly, but certainly not least, is written by Kristian, and is the most recent blog I’ve started following. Kristian has been commenting on my posts for a while now, and I suspect she found me through my brother’s blog. I finally had a chance to check her out, and although I’ve only read a few of her posts, she is definitely someone whose posts I find myself salivating over and hungering for! We are kindred spirits in some ways, and that kind of connection always feels special!

There are a few more blogs I look at and enjoy but don’t necessarily feel engaged with. These are the ones I enjoy every time I get notification that a post has been published, and I encourage you to check them out and see if any of them reel you in as they did with me!

Happy exploring!

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