Politics Should Not Govern My Uterus

Good thought and research went into this blog post; I have to share it!

Marla's World

I have, until this point, managed to avoid any political discourse on my blog. For one reason: everyone in my county has suddenly become so divided that if any part of your politics does not align perfectly with theirs, they are willing to cut you out of their lives. Of course, there are exceptions to that, there always are; overall though, I am tired of people trying to attack other people for having their own beliefs and opinions.

This is my blog and my beliefs and opinions are (obviously) all the only true ones and everyone else is (clearly) wrong.

That previous statement was a lot of nonsense. This IS my blog, but I am also aware that my beliefs and opinions are NOT the only true and correct ones. They are MINE. Of course, I believe mine are right, otherwise I wouldn’t hold them, just as the person who…

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One thought on “Politics Should Not Govern My Uterus

  1. Definitely agree. I think it is fine to set up some parameters around viability or such (when the child could survive outside the womb), but we should absolutely have control over our own bodies!

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