Random Memes – 4/7

I seriously can’t believe how quickly I can gather a quantity of memes that speak to me, or someone I know, in some way – simply by scrolling through my social media. But here is another collection:

And if you do, you’ll discover how truly unworthy I am, because that’s how I see myself.
These words made an impact on my ability to allow myself rest periods when I need them.
I can’t read this without getting teary-eyed. Forgiving one’s self is so difficult!

One thought on “Random Memes – 4/7

  1. “Agreeing to things just to keep the peace…” really hits home. My dad’s mantra, to avoid my mother’s frequent alcohol-induced freakouts in the 70s & 80s was, “Don’t upset your mother.” The truth is, if anybody needed an intervention to change their behavior, it was my mother. Thankfully, as she aged, that all changed, even if her habit of thinking didn’t.

    But all that left a permanent impression on my boundaries and what i’m willing to put up with.

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