Bind Your Tears

My brother once again aims for the nail and hammers it with one swing!



Do not cry for me, dear friend

Let not sorrow rule the day

Life chimes, now at its end

And my body has gone away


I travel now, a different path

In a world you cannot see

Spirit sheds the mortal plane

Soul finally set free


I have returned to the start

My universal home

And you are there within my heart

As this larger realm I roam


And I still with you, in everything

In every cloud, each stone and tree

When you need to feel me close

Just look and you’ll find me


I am thankful for my mortal time

And all the love you made me feel

And though my face seen differently

I am no less me and no less real


Now, bind your tears with my love

Share my joy that I lived well

I have found my cosmic…

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