As many of us know and experience personally, people tend to look back into their own histories and recall things that happened to them as a child that impacted who they have become. But Jonice Webb, Ph.D., has written a book called “Running on Empty” which focuses, instead on what she calls “Childhood Emotional Neglect (C.E.N.)”, what we as children didn’t get or have happen to us that we needed as children.

I saw this on a social media post and it immediately resonated with me. I am going to copy and paste what the author herself wrote on social media – with apologies to the author – because it tells you what this book is all about:

Do you really think you have to settle for feeling “invisible” or “empty”, like you don’t really belong or feel valued as a person? NO, YOU DON’T! In fact, it’s just the opposite! You can find your voice and connect with the things that make you uniquely yourself…Getting to know who you are at your core… instead of trying to meet everyone else’s expectations! If you’re thinking, “Okay… how can I actually do that?” It all starts with acknowledging how “what didn’t happen for you as a child” has deeply influenced your life. Most people point to things that “happened” to them as children for why they feel dissatisfied or disconnected in their adult life. But it’s not necessarily because of what happened to you as a child. It’s about what failed to happen for you as you were growing up.

I call it Childhood Emotional Neglect or CEN. CEN is a parent’s failure to respond enough to a child’s emotional needs. It’s a failure to notice, attend to or respond appropriately to a child’s feelings. And as an adult, this can cause us to have difficulty understanding and trusting our own emotions and feelings as well as others’. And that is what my book, Running on Empty, is all about. It’s about discovering how our parents, even well-intentioned ones, can leave our emotional tank empty and how that impacts our lives as adults. It also gives you life-changing tools to reconnect with your feelings to become the connected, whole and fulfilled person you were meant to be. I lay the entire process out for you in my national bestselling book, Running on Empty, for only $10 instead of the normal $19.99 + I’ll ship it to you for FREE. And If you pick up this book now, for a limited time I am also giving you $200 in free bonuses: Bonus #1: Childhood Emotional Neglect Questionnaire Bonus #2: Emotion Words Cheat Sheet Bonus #3: Pandemic Survival Guide for the Emotionally Neglected It’s time to get past feeling “invisible” or “empty” and start expressing varied emotions and having fulfilling, long-lasting relationships with those you care about.

I’m past the age (long past) of reading self-help books, but if you’re still adrenalized about your own self-growth journey, this may be a good choice to pick up. On my own, I will process the idea of CEN in my head and use what it teaches me on my own. So, if you want to consider the book, here’s the link:


If you choose to read this book, please share with me how it helped you!

3 thoughts on “C E N

  1. That does resonate with me as well. But there’s something about it that doesn’t sit right. I think this is a journey in ourselves and her $210 full offer with only $10 out seems scammy. But the idea is a solid one. I have already thought of a few things that I could delve deeper into. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Thanks for an interesting article. I am wary of people using the hard sell on books especially ones that they claim can help your child/family dynamics. My personal point of view here. 🙂

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  3. I don’t disagree. It was just that when I read that, it immediately struck a chord in me because I grew up in a very emotionally negligent home and have never really given thought to if or how that affected me. The ad has me processing this, and hopefully it will encourage others as well. I’m not selling the book! LOL


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