Celebrating Pride Month

Annually, the month of June signifies Pride Month, a time when people who feel destined to fall in love with others outside of the “standard norm” of male and female can celebrate their right to feel – to be – different.

I’ve never quite understood why there are so many people who think of these “different” people as wrong. Some are quick to spout out a Bible quote or two, but we all should know by now that Bible quotes are, like so many quotes, taken out of context. And while the Bible does, indeed denounce homosexuality, it also says that, while the Bible condemns homosexual acts, it does not encourage prejudice, hate crimes, or any other kind of mistreatment of homosexuals (or any other person, to be specific).—Romans 12:18. 

What I’ve found, over the course of my life, is that people who are quick to spout Bible phrases to support why they are right, they commit other sins written about in the Bible and don’t call attention to what the Bible says about those sins. We are all sinners, imperfect – the act of being a sinner is not singled out depending on which sin we choose to commit. We are given the Ten Commandments, and outside of those, I believe that every other sin has equal value as a sin.

I believe that the heart wants what the heart wants. We don’t judge a man because he happens to prefer overweight women, we don’t judge based on the build that each person prefers in their mate, or the color of their mate’s hair. In an ideal world, each of us wants to be loved for who we are at our core, our center, and it doesn’t matter which gender we prefer that love to come from.

Why is there an idea that homosexuality is all about sex, but heterosexuality is about love?

I’m not writing this well at all. I guess I’m trying to say that I have no issue with what gender, skin color, race, creed, religion, etc. a person chooses to love. In essence, it’s really none of my business! IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS! And it’s not anyone else’s business, either! Let people be free to live their own lives and seek their own happiness, and get down off the damned pedestal you’ve put yourself on thinking that you are somehow better and therefore, permitted to pass judgement on others! The refusal to respect others for their different opinions and lifestyles is what is tearing us apart as humanity!

So, please, just go your own way and do your own things, and be respectful enough to let others do the same!

One thought on “Celebrating Pride Month

  1. In a garden full of stones, we cannot be so picky in where love decides to grow. We must appreciate it and foster it wherever it can find root. It is the only reason for the garden.

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