If I had a dollar….

If I had a dollar for every new draft of a post I’ve started in the past 60 days that I ended up trashing before getting them finished, I could, at the very least, buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Well, I could, except that the local McDonald’s, the only fast food restaurant in our little borough, is taking down the building in their current location and building a new one. When I say take down, we are not talking a wrecking ball. Each and every section of material is being removed methodically, and sorted into piles based on what the material is. So, there won’t be any Happy Meal in my near future.

Of course, at the rate I’m going, I may have enough ‘dollars’ stacked up to buy an adult meal before the new one is built and open for business. Rumor has it that the target date is July 30th.

I’ve had two major stressors in my life lately. One is wandering my way through all things Medicare without pulling out my hair or going back to starting to drink again. I am finally about 95% of the way through. Just one more call (I hope) with my Medicare agent, one call directly to make certain that I’m reading the letter from my current insurance to make sure I understand how to cancel it, and one to Medicare to opt out of Plan D for prescriptions since I’m choosing a plan that includes prescription coverage. I’ve already located a family medicine practice that accepts Medicare, since my current one does not. I’ve been unhappy with my services at the current facility but I didn’t want to create waves over complaining about it, especially when I was pretty sure it wouldn’t change anything. So now I have an “excuse” to leave, and I’m happy about that!

My second stressor is much more personal and has to do with someone who treated me very rudely. I said nothing but a few other people called him out on it, and he agreed with them that it was a mistake on his part. This is something I’ve tried to write about here twice since it happened about 10 days ago and ended up trashing. My position is that the person who did it needs to offer me an apology. He continues to let other people speak on his behalf about it, but hasn’t said a thing about it to me directly, and I’m miffed!

Oh crap, and now Word Press is being funky! I have no idea why that capital M is super big and I can’t change it back. Actually, I like it and would like to use it in every paragraph!

And now it feels like this is another post that belongs in the trash can. Apologies to those of you who bothered to read it!

3 thoughts on “If I had a dollar….

  1. I like the big M! It’s a nice paragraph breaker. Welcome to Medicare. We recently switched supplemental carriers which saved us $100 a quarter. 😊

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  2. If and when the opportunity presents itself, there is nothing wrong in making it clear to the transgressor that you are still expecting an apology. They may be embarrassed by their behavior and have been hoping that their recognition of their mistake, as relayed to you through others, would suffice and save them face. It is okay to make it clear that you are unwilling to settle for anything less than a real apology. It won’t feel as good as getting one without having to ask, but it may be better than not getting one at all. Especially if you do not want this open wound to color your relationship in the future. Just saying…. If that doesn’t work just point him out and I will beat an apology out of him! Nobody messes with my sister!

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  3. I don’t normally write and trash posts, but I sure trash ideas for posts or sometimes simply forget them because I don’t write them down lol.

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