#MusicMonday: Travelling Waters by Dom La Ferlita @PianoManDom #TravellingWaters #DomLaFerlita #PianoManDom #TwitchStreamer #ClassicalMusic

I am also a huge fan of this musician! I hope you take a listrn!

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another Music Monday. Today I’m featuring Travelling Waters by Dom La Ferlita a twitch streamer and musician from Melbourne Australia. Dom’s streams are always great fun and hugely entertaining to watch. He does a wide variety of covers my favourite of which is his wonderful rendition of Music Of The Night, which I have featured below.

His streams have some very cool effects to them where you can change the camera angel and some very cute alerts involving penguins (you’ll have to watch the stream to see what I mean. If you’d like to watch Dom on twitch via the link below.


Traveling Waters:

Traveling Waters in the new EP from Dom and features 4 absolutely beautiful piano originals that always help to relax me after a hard day. This EP features:

Dom’s youtube channel also includes a lot of stream highlights and…

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