The “Final” Countdown

In about a week’s time, the opportunity for US residents to vote in the 2020 election will be over. My first thought is how happy I will be when the political calls and texts stop blowing up my phone. I’ve pretty much accepted that, whatever the final outcome, I will learn to survive with what comes with the final declared outcome.

There are strong supporters standing behind both the Republican and the Democratic nominee for the position of President of the United States (POTUS for you not in the USA). My vote has been cast and my ballot reported as being received, so I’ve done my part. I am not ashamed to state how I voted, but because there is such a deep chasm between supporters of both parties, I tend not to discuss it with people other than my brother and a few close friends. Because of social media, I have discovered that people whom I assumed would be for the Republican party are supporting the Democratic candidate for election. And people whom I thought would be strong leaners towards the Democratic party are, instead, voicing strong Republican words.

This will be the fourth Presidential election in which I have chosen not who is the best candidate but whom I feel is “the lesser of two evils”. I have crossed my own party lines in order to follow that decision and won’t hesitate to do so again if necessary.

I wrote a blog post a while ago explaining that I live in a “small world”, that is, what matters most to me is what happens in and around my own ‘backyard’. I know very little about what’s going on around the world in the political realm, other than scanning a few headlines as they come up on the Internet. I am totally focused on what we can do for the people of our own country, for our citizens on all walks of life, for the front-line workers during this ongoing pandemic, and for our armed services who remain ready to serve their country at a moment’s notice.

There are various sites stating when the votes have all been tallied and a result can be shared. Different sites, of course, offer different theories and different people spread those different theories. I’m not certain that even the smartest math genius can calculate that to a finite date. I think it will take days, and possibly weeks, to say that all votes have been tallied. What matters more to me than how quickly the votes are counted is that each and every vote GETS counted!

I have to admit that I tend to shake my head when strong supporters of the Republican party are stating with a sense of assurance that Trump will win the election and another term. I hadn’t realized that there were so many psychics who could predict the future!

It’s all up in the air (and it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings, after all) and what will be, will be. I’ve accepted that, and now, I just want it to be all over and the calls and texts to stop!!!!

2 thoughts on “The “Final” Countdown

  1. I think one of the reasons for the confidence – which may or may not be misplaced – is the size of the rallies. Trump is drawing crowds in the thousands, and Biden barely gets 25. Of course, that could be incorrect because nothing I see in the news is trustworthy anymore

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  2. I am with you sis. For quite awhile I was avid to see this thing through and engaged in the outcome. But now, like you, I am really ready for it to just be over. I am damn good and tired of being asked to donate money I don’t have. It makes it seem like the presidency is being sold rather than won.

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