I CAN Find the Forgiveness!

I have to start this post off with a big Shout-Out and a truly heart-felt THANK YOU to a fellow blogger, Just Being Me (read her blog here: https://justbeingme73.wordpress.com). We follow each other’s blogs and reply to them as appropriate. In response to my post about trying to find forgiveness, her reply gave me some real insight into the situation from a different perspective, and I’ve mulled that over several times, each time I do so allowing me to let go of some of the long-lasting anger that has plagued me these many years. Basically, her words helped me recognize that, perhaps in her own grieving, she simply wasn’t cognizant of the insensitivity of her words and the affect they had on me; that she may not even remember the event at all! In that light, I can begin to understand that, while I will always feel I deserve an apology for them, I’m more at peace about why I may never get one. It may still take a while, but I can now see that forgiveness in this instance is achievable, and the weight of its impact becomes less heavy by default.

On top of that, I was scrolling through social media recently and heard this quote on something produced my Jay Shetty, and it really struck a cord. “Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.” Not only are those words psychologically correct, but they are literally correct as well!

Picture it visually. Someone above you can’t pull you down. It’s an impossibility. The only way in which they can pull you is up! Conversely, a person needs to be literally below you in order to pull you down!

That gleaned idea is helping me recognize that I don’t want to feel like I’m being pulled down by this experience, and that my holding onto its negativity so tightly only means that I’m keeping myself down!

Further ruminating allowed me to take stock in the fact that her actions, good and bad, will be called to attention before God. Mine will as well. Do I really want to have this anger in my heart something that will be called to my attention when I stand before the Pearly Gates? Trust me, the list will be long enough without it there, too!

So, again, thank you to Just Being Me for your insight! For that alone, I’m so glad I continue to blog and learn!

I’ll take the peace, thank you very much!

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