I’m In Over my Head!

Which of my loyal readers knows how many times I’ve mentioned in blog posts that I am electronically technology illiterate? I’ve never pretended to be otherwise!

Well, now I’m officially in over my head!

I’ve recently been watching an online streamer play a game called Sims 4. She’s been building and decorating a house there, and I have had so much fun suggesting ideas for decor and furniture placement, and she has taken many of my suggestions. With my usual inability to sit still for long periods of time, I have been mentally invested in this fun for over 2 hours at a time without realizing that over 2 hours has actually passed!

This sweet young lady, who knows I’ve never played a video game and tend to get bored watching, saw how much enjoyment I was having, and graciously provided me with her information so that I could download the game on my PC and play it on my own! So I downloaded what she sent me.

However, I’m frightened by it already! It may be on my computer now, but I still know literally nothing on what to do with it now! Because it’s under her name, I have great anxiety about doing something with it and having it affect her game! So, I suspect that it will do nothing more than take up some space on my hard drive.

On top of that, I’ve been invited to take part in a Zoom get-together. Now, I think I safely assume that I need a microphone to be able to talk to the other people in real time. Okay, I suspect that a camera would enhance my being there, but I’m more than okay with not showing my face. To be honest, I don’t really like my voice so I’ve been happy with being able to type in chat what it is I want to say. However, I don’t think that’s an option, so the microphone is necessary. Which microphone? Where do I plug it in? How do I use it?

I’m not against learning new things. It’s just that I’ve always learned best when being taught by a hands-on approach. I even watched a YouTube video on Zoom and was overwhelmed in under 5 minutes! I need someone sitting beside me who knows all of the ins and outs, telling me how to do things and watching me while I try them. Even then, I’d need to make notes because I’d quickly forget much of it without some reference the next time.

I usually detest people who tend to play ostrich and stick their heads in the sand rather than confront something. But that’s exactly what I feel like doing! At the foundation of it all is the fact that I’m afraid I’ll do something to “break” my laptop and end up having to buy a new one. This one has lasted me longer than most – almost 2 years! – and that’s a record for me. During these economic times, I’d prefer not to have to spend money to purchase yet another laptop that I’ll eventually break!


3 thoughts on “I’m In Over my Head!

  1. Okay, your bro is here to save the day. I will come visit as soon as you order that new TV and we will get you hooked up and see if we can’t get you gaming on the PC too. It should be pretty straight forward and I think you might enjoy something like Sims. I miss you terribly anyway!

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