This was written by my brother in tribute to our maternal grandmother. It is an accurately true and vivid description of the angel on earth that she was!


In Grandma’s eyes is where I see

The happiest of memories

This woman who loved me so

Had the greatest heart to show

The caring, loving, little things

The pulling at your apron strings

Every need for your attention

Never felt like a distraction

You could stretch every penny far

Cupboards filled with mason jars

Hand-rolled dough to make a pie

Better than one could ever buy

Plain gingham dress of every day

A little Dutch in the words you say

Your laugh when something tickled

And those bread and butter pickles

Scrapple, pot pie, and apple butter

Kitchen skills like no other

The garden where you would kneel

Your strength put into every meal

Of grandkids, you would always boast

But I am sure it’s me you loved the most

You, the caring I always knew

I hope you know, I loved you too

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One thought on “Freda

  1. I love this 💗 made my little heart soar! Your brother is very talented! I’ve not written poems for such a long time, then the other day I wrote one for my late nan bless her, I’m not happy with it though and have since changed it hundreds of times lol I used to write her a few every year she liked them in her birthday cards etc. xxxx love you beautiful xxx

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