Around-the-House Hacks – III

Just like nail polish isn’t only for ‘females’, baby wipes aren’t only for ‘babies’. I suspect, if you’ve ever potty-trained a toddler, you’ve needed a few of those wipes on hand, even though he/she is a “big boy/girl” now. The truth is, they make a wipe for adults for that extra clean feeling, but baby wipes are the same thing, and often much less expensive!

But there are ways to use baby wipes, both in and out of the bathroom, for more than just wiping bums. In the bathroom, baby wipes can be used to tidy up a dirty sink or shine the chrome of your fixtures. Just make sure to have a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to wipe away any streaks. This is a fast fix when company shows up unannounced!

Many models and cosmetitians in the industry swear by baby wipes for removing make-up! It’s less messy than pouring make-up remover on a small cotton ball or swab, and tends to be more effective than those removers, especially on eye liner.

Have a pair of patent leather or leather shoes that always seem to be dull? Baby wipes can bring the shine back quickly. A bonus is that the baby-soft moisturizer in the wipe will hydrate the material to keep it from getting dry and cracking.

Believe it or not, some brands of baby wipes – Huggies, for example – are strong enough to be laundered and then reused for dusting or cleaning rags for mild clean-ups. (Just in case it needs to be mentioned, please only consider laundering mildly soiled wipes for future use!)

Use a baby wipe to wipe up coffee spills from your carpet (I’ve spilled often, trying to carry a “filled-to-the rim” coffee cup from the kitchen to another room!). The wipe will both blot up the liquid and the stain. They do the same thing for upholstered furniture.

We all (hopefully) occasionally remember to shake out or use an air-duster product on PC keyboards to clear dust and debris. But that’s just half the job! We should also be wiping down the keys and other portions to get rid of dried on gunk and, believe it or not, the dead skin cells that build up wherever your wrist is supported by the keyboard. Your body oils and skin build up on surfaces you touch pretty quickly – you can probably see that by looking at your mouse! – and while disinfecting wipes work too, the chemicals in them will seep into the plastic over time.

If you and/or your kids tend to snack or eat fast-food meals in your vehicle, look for some trial/travel size packets of baby wipes. Not only can they be used for a more thorough clean than napkins, but remember, they can also be used to blot up any stains that accidentally get on your car upholstery. The trial/travel packs are perfect to tuck in your glove compartment. And ladies? It never hurts to have a small pack in your purse as well!

I hope you’ve found these hacks helpful, and I’m sure we’d all love to hear of any additional uses you may have discovered!

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