A Nurse Cries

A lot of this writer’s poems speak to me, but this one truly pushes hard on the “feels” button, and I keep coming back to read it again and again.



She cries

Salted pain hangs from her lashes

And falls upon her light blue smock

To mix with the sweat of long days


She cries

For each life as it passes

In a constant state of shock

As death takes count in virulent ways


She cries

As lack of sleep takes its toll

But she is so driven to care

Always a part of her giving heart


She cries

Respect not always given her role

Hidden behind the mask she must wear

For how her life has been torn apart


She cries

Leaning against the still woven part

Of nerves now frayed and threadbare

She tends the wounds of her own soul


She cries

To cleanse the mind, let some healing start

For she knows there is still need out there

And there is fate that she cannot control


She cries

Not for…

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