My brother, my favorite poet, has given us rhyming lines that tell such a true story in our times…..


I am sorry it has taken

A pandemic and viral fear

But we’ve finally awakened

New values that we hold dear

Our heroes not in spandex draped

No other-worldly set of skills

Rainbow-hued scrubs replace the cape

With all the hope their care instills

No single seat built as a throne

The work of many good souls

Not one is doing this alone

Each given a critical role

You leave your friends and family

In a time when you need them most

And care for us so tenderly

As with great strength you stand your post

The fear you see in our eyes

Holds a glint in your caring gaze

The fear that you have set aside

Our heroes in the darkest days

I hope that we will remember well

When this fatal foe leaves some day

To our children the story tell

That actions make heroes today

It’s not…

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