This says it all and needs on additional words from me!


It is not that men feel anything less

Gender has no bearing on emotion

It is that they never learned to express

Any heart-felt, emotive notion

Our role models would always pain deny

Great strength must be shown when you face your fear

So, brush yourself off and don’t you dare cry

Told there is weakness in shedding a tear

The stoic faces that taught our manhood

The rocks amongst the emotional wave

We learned from them, being soft was no good

And that their feeling less was somehow brave

My life, the pages of so many years

And as my life’s book is placed on the shelf

There is greater truth for young men to hear

You must learn to give of your inner self

Emotions hidden for any great length

Do remain like dark stains upon the soul

Feelings, when shared, a formidable strength

It is our letting…

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2 thoughts on “Strength

  1. As a 49 year old man I can identify with this. I was brought up in the 70’s and taught that emotions were a weakness. As I’ve grown older my emotions are more apparent now than ever. I frequently cry when I see something sad, or hear a powerful piece of music. I’m not ashamed to show my feelings. Thank you for sharing this Jody, and Brad……keep at it brother.

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