Pros and Cons of CBD Oil

I’d mentioned some time ago, in one of my posts, that I had started using CBD oil, and a reader asked if I would share more about my experience. It’s about time I answered that request.

Although I take several prescription meds and a few well-known OTC ones, when the hype first came out about CBD oil and its ability to provide pain relief, I was 100% skeptical. Open any social media site and you will be immediately bombarded with ads for anything from “Better than Viagra” to “Instant Corn and Callus Removal”. CBD oil seemed, to me, just another hyped promise that wouldn’t deliver.

Even after my brother told me of a friend who found great benefit and relief from the product, I was still cynical. All I knew about CBD oil was that the hemp plant was involved. I have an addictive personality to begin with, and a fear of being under the influence of a substance that would cause me to behave in dangerous ways. No way was I going to try something that might cause that kind of experience!

Back in April, I started seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. I initially went because of some what seemed “usual” tightness in my neck as well as my back and hips feeling tight and unwilling to move. It turned out I was in pretty bad shape! Regular appointments helped, but never for long. Due to my health insurance, I had to start to spread the appointments out further, which meant more days of pain than of relief. And again, my brother suggested CBD oil.

By then, the fact that I wasn’t getting full long-lasting relief in my hips made me re-think the idea. I spent hours over the next several days doing research. There are two types of CBD products, and they are made from two different parts of the hemp plant. I started signing up for all of the “free sample, just pay shipping” products that were being advertised. I got quite a few different products, ranging from 100mg to 1000mg. I opted for the oils even though there are other types of products. Some of them came in a specific flavor, some had a variety of flavors, only one had a natural (tasteless) flavor. The ideal way to ingest is to place the drops under your tongue, but you may also add them to food or liquid.

I finally decided that I liked the idea of 1000mg in the ‘natural’ flavor because I could add it to my coffee. However, before I made a purchase, I asked my chiropractor what he thought about the product, and he uses it. He told me to do a search for “CBD Oil Coupons” (it’s not a cheap product!) which I did and found a coupon for 15% off with a company who had the exact product I wanted. The company’s name is CBDmd. I ordered.

After about 2 weeks, I noticed that I no longer had constant pain in my hips. I know that could be contributed to the chiropractic work, but as stated before, the treatments didn’t seem to last. Within a month, I reported my hip pain going down from an easy 7-8 on the pain scale to a pretty consistent 1.

Then, one day, I was suddenly aware that I had no hip pain! None! That was pretty remarkable! For a while though, I could trigger it unknowingly with certain activities and movements.

Long story short, I am glad to say that I no longer have any hip pain, no matter what I do. I’m more active now than when the pain kept me from being active, and the pain has stayed away! I no longer have to go through the torture of having my hips adjusted at my chiropractic appointments. I don’t walk stooped over like an elderly person shuffling along.

So, the pros and cons of CBD oil? Con is that it’s still expensive, and obviously not covered by any health insurance since it is an OTC medication. Pro is that it has worked a miracle at ending my hip pain, and worth every sweet penny! Besides, the company I buy from runs specials, and I take advantage of the savings whenever I can.

POST SCRIPT NOTE: You will find that different manufacturers will recommend different dosage amounts, regardless of the strength of the product. It is recommended across the board by users I’ve spoken with to start with 5 drops per dose, and increase the number of drops per dose after 7 – 10 days if you don’t see significant improvement in your pain. It is also recommended that you take one dose in the morning and one at night — I’m very bad at remembering afternoon medications, so I take my two doses in each of my first two cups of coffee each morning. I’m currently sustained well at 10 drops per dose.

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