Merry Christmas!

Okay, I admit it – I love the time when family and friends gather, when a feast is prepared and we all indulge in too much food, when gifts are exchanged, when laughter is common, and when love fills the air.

But, raised in a Christian family, I also remember the “reason for the season”. I started my own tradition some years ago, one that I would love to go viral to remind us of that before all of the festivities begin. (Because it’s easier for me,) I buy a cupcake or package of them, and early on Christmas morning, before all of the world is awake and the hullabaloo has started, I put a single candle on the cupcake, light it, and quietly – but aloud – sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. It’s important to me to first acknowledge why this holiday was created, and to honor Him. I make a wish that I should emulate His light and love to those with whom I come in contact, blow out the candle, at eat the whole sugary thing (despite being a diabetic!). A moment of silence follows, and then…. only then can I begin the preparations to host my brother and my bestie with her hubby and son.

For each of you, I wish a moment’s reflection on the real reason for celebrating, followed by the joy and laughter as you celebrate! Merry Christmas!

That even Santa would first kneel and honor His birthday….

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