Joys of an Empath

After writing my previous post about the struggles of being an empath, I wanted to give voice to the opposite side, where one receives joy from being an empath. I have also experienced this, and as I wrote about the differences between joy and happiness and how joy overrides happiness, these experiences not only change my mood, but they permanently land in my heart.

While I was dealing with some very negative energy, there was apparently some room still inside me and seeing into a person and feeling the love they are feeling is pretty amazing! Well, here is what is so amazing that it still feels surreal…. I got into that person’s heart through empathy and found that the love the person was feeling was being directed towards me, the person outside! It stunned me, overwhelmed me, silenced me – and then I broke down into the most blubbering sobbing I can ever remember experiencing! I was a total mess, yet had a smile on my face the whole time I was giving over to that ugly cry face!

Let’s face it, we all know people love us, we have people who tell us they love us, but to experience that love as EXACTLY as that person is feeling it towards you… I don’t even have words to express how that felt! I can only say that I felt lighter, an almost floating on air sense, and the tears, I believe, were the release of some weight I’d been carrying on a subconscious level. I felt cleansed and refreshed, renewed and able to truly step away from whatever had been holding me back!

And that feeling stays with me – easy to recall the moment and feel my heart swell with it. It reminds me of an old saying I remember, “If it weren’t for the valleys, we wouldn’t appreciate the mountains.”

So, while having strong empathy will sometimes be painful, it will also at times be joyful. And I’m okay with that!

4 thoughts on “Joys of an Empath

  1. A lovely post, but I was hoping for more detail about the specific encounter that led to the feelings. It was kind of like a cliff hanger that never got closed. Then again, maybe that is the point. Either way, well written!

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  2. And so the super-power you posses, empathy, proves it’s worth. A nice lighthearted post to counter the sullen tone of the previous. Balanced and beautiful!

    P.S: And once again I have to agree with Brad (this man can read thoughts, I tell you!), feels a little like a cliffhanger.

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  3. It was not intended to be a cliffhanger, but there will be a unique post with the more-detailed story coming. And, Brad has known me all of his life, so he does have some insights into me that run deeper. However, I’m not surprised you took the “boys” side, as you’re known for doing that. To you I say, #TEAMNURSE4EVER! Love you!


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