MIXER – My new online family

Although I still think I’m an introvert, the anonymity of the online world has helped me be a little more open. I’ve told other people in my life that writing a blog allows me to be much more vulnerable and honest about myself because I can’t see the faces of my readers and try to guess what they’re thinking of me.

I also have an addictive personality – a controlled one but addictive nonetheless. I’m not addicted to things illegal and/or immoral, somewhat because of my values and somewhat because of my fears. I don’t gamble because I can’t stop once I start. I don’t do drugs out of fear of becoming hooked as well as the need to have control over my surroundings and be conscious of them. Coffee and nicotine are my ‘legal’ addictions.

Having said those things, it’s not really such a wonder that I enjoy encounters and conversations on social media. Sharing giggles/laughter, sharing common values, sharing warm, fuzzy feelings with others creates a bond, even though it has to cross through cyber space.

A few months ago, my ‘nephew’ (the son of my ‘sista from another mista’) started streaming games on Twitch. In order to support him, I became a viewer when he was streaming. Later, he tried out another platform, Mixer. Of course, I followed him there as well.

I started browsing other streamers and discovered that I enjoyed the Mixer platform much better – the viewers in the room watching seemed more friendly, the streamers paid more attention to the viewers’ chat, and Mixer allowed you to earn “sparks” for watching and chatting. Both platforms are free to watch, but why not follow the one that ‘pays you back’?

Other bloggers who read this will understand the sense of community that can form from online associations. We, the bloggers, feel a sense of that community in the way we support and encourage each other. Well, Mixer also gives that same kind of opportunity to build a community as you meet to support and encourage the streamers.

I am, with 99% certainty, the oldest member of the community I’m part of. We don’t discuss ages other than some streamers sharing their ages in their bios. Oddly enough, and enchanting as can be, is the fact that I don’t feel my age when I’m hanging out with these people. I’ve been aware that I sometimes keep my fingers still when I think of something that would certainly “date me” among this crowd. I’ve become like an adopted mom to some of these folks (little do they know that I could, quite possibly, be a grandma to some of them!)

Recently, I mentioned my blog in the chat and a couple of people came here to see what it was all about. I was flattered when some positive comments came back to me in the chat about what they’d read. More recently, my blog has been mentioned and, as a result of that, I’ve picked up a handful of new followers to this blog. To say that I was stunned would be an understatement! All of that love and support tossed upon me – in rapid haste, I might add – was overwhelming!

To my Mixer family – and you know who you are – I love each and every one of you! Unless you take upon the undaunting task of reading all of my past blogs, you will never know the ways that being a part of your world gives me so much joy and constantly lifts my spirits. You are all GOATS to me! And to my blogging family – your support and encouragement help me stay focused on sharing my thoughts in written form.

I couldn’t ask my life to be in a better place – thanks to all of you! I feel truly blessed!

2 thoughts on “MIXER – My new online family

  1. Thank you so much for including me into your Mixer family! I love that we are able to bring eachother so much joy just by talking and interacting with eachother online! P.s: i also sometimes feel old when interacting with the crowd. But really, it’s just my body growing old. Just remember, you are as young as your mind and soul allows you to be!!

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