Photos from my Happy Place

After paying homage to cabbage in my last post from my happy place, I thought I’d share some photos of my recent ‘escapades’ with said item.

Fresh from market

This beauty, which weighed over 4 pounds, came from Shady Maple Market in Lancaster County, PA. Heads of cabbage there, all huge like this one, were only 99 cents each – that’s right, each, not per pound. How could I refuse such a deal?

So, what’s a girl to do with over 4 pounds of cabbage? Make all three of her favorite cabbage recipes, of course!

Batch of cabbage soup

First up was cabbage soup. In case you missed my previous blog, this is just cut-up cooked chicken, a can of diced tomatoes – juice and all – some chicken stock and the star of the show, cabbage. I do add some sauteed onions to start, but that is optional.

Batch of unstuffed cabbage rolls

Next up was unstuffed cabbage rolls. My friend, Deb, told me that she makes this using already browned hamburger and already cooked rice, so I tried that this time. She uses a crockpot, but I’m still more comfortable using my stove top and being able to stir now and then. Honestly, the taste is no different.

Batch of fried cabbage

Now on to fried cabbage. Certainly the most tedious of the recipes because the diced onions, loose sausage and bacon all get sauteed separately and are only combined once the cabbage has been steamed to soften it. Oh, but it is so worth it! With the extra time and work that making fried cabbage takes, it’s the most difficult of the three for me to share a lot of.

Now, as an extra bonus, I want to include some photos of hog maul/pig’s stomach for anyone who heard me talk about it and wondered exactly what it was.

Fully baked hog maul
Insides of the pig’s stomach. I was expecting loose sausage, but it was still yummy!

In closing, the saying is that “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. In that case, I hope you enjoy my 6000+ word post! LOL

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  1. They all look delicious! We are fond of cooking ahead and freezing bowls: dinners for days.

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