Surrogate Mother

I’m not sure I’m worthy of these accolades, but my beloved brother thinks I am!


Dedicated to, Jody, the best sister anyone could have!

The trap of better than you

Our parents had fallen in

Both working to see us through

Like rat running race to win

Two incomes to stave off fears

Their children wanting naught

Save the passing adolescent years

Their presence needed and sought

My mother is all I hoped to find

When home with illness I lay

Yet sent another so giving and kind

My physician for the day

Attendant to a little boy

Her love easily compared

To matriarchal woman of birth

The womb that we had shared

My sister’s love, full of grace

My comfort and fears console

And put the smile on my face

She donned the mother’s role

She cared and fawned over me

As if I were her own

Giving so unsparingly

Love felt in every bone

Blessed am I this surrogate

For Mother’s missing love

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