Under the Weather

As a long-time sufferer of chronic sinusitis, you will seldom see me without a tissue in my hand or very nearby. Clothing with pockets has those pockets also stuffed with tissues, sometimes in various shades of use. Boxes of tissues are one of those things I keep in stock, purchasing more when the count gets down to four or less boxes.

Usually, it’s a runny nose, an inconvenience more than anything. A variety of over-the-counter products and nasal sprays, plus ibuprofen, keep it in check as needed. It’s one of those things I deal with, like a trick knee that sometimes goes out.

But about 10 days ago, what seemingly started out as another simple runny nose ended up being not one, but two, sinus infections. I’d made plans for an overnight stay to see a concert in an area about 1-1/2 hours away. I got to the location where I was staying, but just didn’t feel up to going to the concert (it was free, which made the decision a little easier). I did stay overnight, and stopped to visit a friend the next morning, coughing from the drainage in between blowing my nose. I came home, suffered through the night, and got in to see the doctor the next day.

Since I moved here 2 years ago, this is the first time this medical practice has dealt with one of my respiratory distress problems. My previous doctor always prescribed 500 mg of Amoxocillin 3 times a day, and that always worked. The fact that I had a low-grade fever accompanying the infections made my doctor choose to put me on the same medication, but at 875 mg twice a day. I didn’t care. I just wanted relief.

To make a long story short, the higher dosage of antibiotic created some serious issues with nausea. This is a common side-effect, but one I’d never had at the lower dosage. For days, I suffered through the nausea, had no energy, no appetite, and could only doze on and off as the phlegm would quickly gather in my throat and tickle it with the need to cough. Sleeping upright in the recliner didn’t help much. I was constantly drinking water to try and quiet the tickle.

I finally figured out yesterday that I could cut the antibiotic pills in half, and have started taking 1/2 a pill four times a day. That’s helped a little. Meanwhile, the constant runny nose is much better, as is the drainage to my throat. However, my head still feels incredibly full and somewhat like a bowling ball stuck between my shoulders. I was going to make some homemade chicken noodle soup and got chicken out to thaw, then didn’t have the energy to made the soup so just plain-baked the chicken so it wouldn’t go bad. I now add chicken to the nibbling I do, which has been mostly crackers (open package and eat, no real energy involved).

This, my readers, is why I’ve been absent from my blog. Not only have I not had the energy to write, but except for occasionally walking down one flight of interior steps to check my mail, I haven’t left my place in seven days (today will be day eight). In fact, this is the longest I’ve sat at my computer in one setting!

So please forgive me if you don’t see much from me for a little while longer. This is the first time in six years I’ve had something respiratory take me “down for the count” so I guess I was due. I miss the exercise to my brain that writing a blog takes, but anything more than just sharing the status quo would be forced.

Rest assured, I have no plans to stop blogging any time soon…

2 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. I am only one phone call away if there is anything I can do for you. Hope you are feeling better soon. With my last bout of illness, I ran into the same thing. I did not have the energy to write. Worse than that my mind was so clouded by how I was feeling physically, that I could perform only the easiest of mental functions. I wait your healthy return to writing. Love you!

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  2. Oh my! What does your doctor think about this lingering bout? I hope by now you have turned a corner to good health. ❤️


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