Move over, technology…

I thought that, after all of the trials and tribulations of multiple technology pieces to contend with, life would give me a reprieve. And it did, but not for very long!

My Keurig has officially bitten the dust. It’s been having odd little hiccups now and then for the past several weeks, and part of me knew that all I was doing was nursing it through until its final death. But then, it would fool me by acting its normal charming self for days at a time. And, because one of my ‘job’ titles is perfecting procrastination, I neglected to do anything. Each time it would hiccup, a little extra cleaning around the area where the coffee brews, and a few loving but meaningful taps along the top would solve the problem. If not, I would turn it off for at least 15 minutes, turn it back on, and I was provided with a lovely cup of coffee sans difficulty.

Not this time. I got two of my three customary cups of coffee without incident. But not the third! I tried every trick I’ve tried before, hoping that one of them would be the magic trick, but none worked. While my mind was thinking, “Just get a new one – they aren’t that expensive anymore”, another part of me doesn’t want to be a part of the generation that just tosses away stuff and replaces it because it’s easier. So I got online and searched for DIY ways to fix a non-working Keurig. I only found one helpful video, so I watched it and decided to try it. After all, it only involved a paper clip and allegedly a minute or two. So I got out a trusty paper clip and tried what the video showed. No success. Not wanting to give up hope, I tried brewing without a K-cup. Nope, not happening.

By this time, I really wanted that last cup of coffee, so I, inside my head, verbally patted myself on the back and reached up into the kitchen cabinet for a zippered bag that holds those single cup bags like tea bags are, except for coffee. You see, I used to travel for work, and being a coffeeholic, the little bit of coffee provided with a hotel room is never enough! I needed enough coffee in my system to be awake enough to go to the lobby/breakfast area and get more. And even then, I’d bring two cups back to the room and possibly still want more! And I’ve kept what I had, knowing that I might travel again (for pleasure, not work) and they would probably come in handy.

So I got my third cup of coffee – not as strong as I like it, but it’s coffee. I also got back online and ordered a new Keurig, which Amazon delivers with next day shipping. So it will be handy to have these individual coffee bags for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m still going to be working on the current machine to see if I can magically make it brew again!

Meanwhile, I’m a bit concerned about what kitchen appliance is headed to the graveyard next… because, in my life, things always happen in a series… Stay tuned!

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