Got Baggage?

This is so powerful that I wanted to share it with my readers as well!


Recently a close friend referred to needing to end the pursuit of a love interest because they had too much “baggage”. I understood immediately this was not the literal possession of a vast number of suitcases. It was a representation of emotions, feelings, hurts, or misperceptions that someone carries with them long after the event that elicited such emotions or jaded views. But I assume it can also mean more tangible things like kids, debt, exes, and the like. To be honest with you, I never gave much thought to the specifics of what that meant till I heard it this time.

The first thought that popped into my head was not this new realization that I had a fuzzy understanding of what that word conveyed. The first thought was that we all have baggage of some type, whether we recognize and admit it or not. So, the idea of…

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