My Elusive Love

Oh, my elusive love….once you were mine for the taking. But that was years ago.

Now, you are as elusive as a ray of sunshine on a gloomy, rainy day. As elusive as the browned grass under inches of freshly fallen snow. I know you are there somewhere, waiting for me. But I also know that you will only come to me according to your own time line.

During the day, I have only fleeting thoughts of you. Busy with my daily routines, I can ignore how much I miss you. But at night, when darkness has fallen and I lay alone in my bed, you are my entire focus. I beg for you silently in my head. My need for you is strong enough to make me want to cry. I plead for you to come to me.

Only upon awakening do I know you have come to me, visited me, inspired and voiced dreams within me. But you leave too quickly – before I have had a chance to savor the time wrapped in the loving cocoon that covers me like a soft, warm blanket. In the early morning stillness, I ask for you to return to me, to stay with me just a little while longer. My need for you, while temporarily satisfied, makes me still hunger for you. I want to be satiated by you. I call out to you then, but you seldom return.

My elusive love, your absence makes me yearn for those earlier years when you were always waiting for me, both of us eager to be wrapped up in the luxury of each other.

My elusive love….. thy name is sleep.

4 thoughts on “My Elusive Love

  1. Sleep is a big deal. I have struggled with it, too. I’ve slept with earplugs since my freshman year in college to help. I know several people who have chronic sleep issues. I wish I had an answer because sleep deprivation is very hard.

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