Friday’s 5 Takeaways – 5/10/2019

I’ve decided to start a weekly post with some things in my world that might be ordinary or mundane, but they are a part of my active world. This has been my past week:

  1. No matter how many times I see videos of babies giggling, they always make me smile and get gushy. I saw one this week that was so much fun I watched it a second time. It’s been proven that laughter is contagious, and there is something about the innocent sound of laughter from the soul from a baby that raises my mood!
  2. I did something this week that I’ve never done before. I went dumpster diving! I had gone to our local paper recycling bin to drop in a bag full of junk mail, newspaper, magazines, etc. and there, on top of a 3/4s full bin, was a bunch of paperback books! Seriously, who throws out books when they can be donated to the library for their book sales or given to a non-profit thrift store to resell??? As an avid reader who had to struggle with not going to be recent semi-annual library book sale because my TBR (to be read) piles are so daunting, the easy reach to these was too great to resist. I came away with 7 books, all in my preferred genre and all by authors whose names were unfamiliar. Totally worth calling myself a dumpster diver!
  3. My bestie and I are planning a Sunday outing for lunch and a movie. She’s been under some stress lately (some of it self-imposed) and some girl-time and a funny movie will do her some good.
  4. I’ve been in a reading slump (which is why my TBR piles are so daunting). I enjoy reading and can, at times, read two books in a week. I’ve had the same book out now for over week, and manage a chapter a day, if I’m lucky. I have interest in the story line, but no desire to sit still and focus on it.
  5. I successfully avoided the torture at my last chiropractor visit (see my post called “Is it what it is? for reference)! I told him about how I felt at the onset of our latest visit, and I could tell he was genuinely sorry. He said I should have called him and gone back in if I was in that much pain. I said that it was my philosophy not to return to the scene of ‘abuse’…. we laughed together. Since then, I’m experiencing intermittent aches, but it’s more muscular than spinal. I opted to start on the rolling massage table first, and except for the little hiccup in the left side of my neck, it was an easy treatment. Whew!

Exciting, yes? No?

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