Does “Big Brother” know more than we think?

This little something-something is from my beloved brother. We are the only family each other has now, as close as two people can be while living in two separate bodies (his is better looking – and younger – than mine!). He’s a really great story teller and has some of the funniest yet strange things happen to him. He shared this with me and offered it to me for my blog. So here it is…..

Just noticed this situation this morning. So you know that when you search for things on the internet, your ISP provider knows what you look for. That is why they can push ads on a page that are geared to your interests. I remember when I was shopping for camping gear, I would get ads on Yahoo mail from all types of outfitters and camp equipment manufacturers. When I was looking for places to stay at the Dragon, I would get ads for Trivago, VRBO, and such. It is a little creepy as it has the “big brother” vibe of being watched. None of this is bad, and that is not my complaint. Here is where it went south for me though.

This morning I log onto Yahoo mail to check my email, and the first two ads I am hit with are for funeral homes. When the page refreshes and the ads change it is now a funeral home and life insurance. The next refresh and it is Estate Planning and Organ Donation. WTF? I feel like Yahoo knows something I don’t. As I precaution, I will not be leaving the house today.

2 thoughts on “Does “Big Brother” know more than we think?

  1. Me too!! Everything a dying person needs!!! Last week my husband enrolled both of us in CLEAR (airport security line that gets you through fast) and we went to the airport to complete the process. They knew who lived with us, who had our mortgage, and our former addresses! Then they took my fingerprints and scanned my retinas!!!! Will bending and spreading be next?


  2. We can run but not hide. Recently, we were talking inside the house about earplugs. Earplugs! Shortly after, an ad for Mack’s (my preferred brand) showed up on Facebook! Scaryyy!


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