When I’m tired enough to no longer be able to focus mentally, I take a break, get comfortable in my recliner and close my eyes for what I call a “rest period”. I’m lying to myself, of course. My intent is to be in that position long enough to fall asleep – whether for a short nap or for hours. Sleeping has become my favorite way to escape the world and all its (my) problems.

However, more often than not, once I can get my mind to turn away from the practical side of life, it slides into memories that travel in quite a circuitous pattern and route. Recently, I recognized this happening, and actually opened my eyes and wrote down key words so I could remember it and use it as an example:

I was thinking about my friend, Emily, who has a new corgi puppy named “Casper” (often called Caspie). She shares photos and little tidbits about him on social media, and each and every time, my face breaks into a smile because he’s so danged adorable! Well, Emily, who I worked with some years ago, now works at an independent brewing company. It just so happens that Brian, who is married to my friend Dana, is a big wig there and I wondered if she knew him. Thinking of Brian, of course, made me think of Dana. Brian is Dana’s second husband. She shares three adopted siblings with her first husband. Because of timing issues when Dana and husband #1 were building their house, they needed a place to stay for a couple of months. All of them squeezed themselves into the guest apartment that was part of the inn I managed. I got to see quite a bit of the kiddos who were then quite young. Dana took a photo of them with me when they were in their Halloween costumes. That photo came to my mind, and I thought about how fat my face looked in the photo.

And then I wondered if, when a body is cremated, they charge by the pound of the body they have to burn…

The thoughts stopped there, because after the circuitous way my mind traveled, it had finally come to a question it couldn’t answer, so it couldn’t move on…

Welcome to the way my mind often works! And you wonder if I’m weird????

These little munchkins, without my fat face!