Random Memes – 04/29/23

SPOILER ALERT: When I posted last to share memes, it was just the beginning of the new year, and I specifically chose all of the ones I’d saved that were full of positive vibes and words of wisdom, hoping to send bright thoughts out to celebrate getting through 2022. I didn’t realize when I did so what would remain were all of the memes that were sadder in nature. Even I felt a little tinge of sadness as I read through them again, and I wasn’t sad when I started putting this post together. If you’re feeling a little down right now, you might want to skip this post or save it for another time when you can better handle the emotions.

I don’t really want to end on a negative note, and when I saw this, it led me to a place with a little bit of light, so I wanted to include it here as my last meme: