Random Memes & Pictures-1/12

Often times, while scrolling through social media, I’ll see a meme or a picture that includes printed words and say to myself “Self, that is something I might want to ‘flesh out’ in a future blog post.” As a result, I have a separate file on my laptop called “FUTURE BLOG IDEAS” filled with all of these ideas I’ve saved. Sadly, I realized some of them have been in that file well over a year. Whatever made them seem ultimately important in my personal perception isn’t really there anymore, or rather, not as alarmingly prominent in my psyche. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t ‘talk’ to you as they originally did to me. So, I’m going to put a bunch of them here – those of you who want to scroll down can do so, and those of you who don’t care to do so can just go ahead and close out this post.