Random Memes – 8/08

It seems like there is an almost endless supply of memes available these days to deal with our mental health in some way. It’s time for me to share some more:

I need to work on apologizing FOR my feelings when they hurt other’s feelings!
Anyone figured out the balance yet?
Especially negatives like hate and racism.
Life would be much sweeter if we could just accomplish this!
I always try to be a fixer because of my empathy and also feeling the feelings of the other.
Another ka-boom!

I intentionally saved this last one to be the last one. I’ve been feeling very much like this lately. Physically (and a little bit mentally), I have no energy to go and do. I even look at household chores and think to myself, “Why does it matter if my house is dusty or not?” So this meme truly speaks personally to me: